The Brand

India is a country of mysteries. Sewn within its rich fabric and hidden deep within its villages, is a tale of delicate craftsmanship, artistic talent and a sheer love for age-old yet extraordinary art forms. At Earth Souk, it is our mission to find these hidden gems, a breed of gifted artisans, and help keep their talents alive, so that they can share their labour of love with the world, and arm you with something you love.

Love Handcrafted

Our collection of handcrafted pieces is laced with laughter, woven with joy, and strung together with the loving voices of its artists.  Dotingly crafted by hand, everything you see here possesses the best of material, fine finish, and most importantly - heart.

Made to complete the artist’s vision, and not inventory, each piece has a story to tell. Each one has a personality – unique and different in its own way, like the artist who created it, and like you.

Our artists make, not because they have to, but because they love to. And that’s what makes their art so fine. Handed down for generations, their craft runs through their veins, and is perfected over time. They’ve gained a mastery over textile. They continue to spin magic with every weave, immersing themselves in every thread, to create vibrant and dazzling patterns and designs.

A Modern Twist to a Traditional Tale

Earth Souk is a design house giving traditional crafts a new form. By bringing modern designs to artisans, we are preserving beautiful arts and crafts, and helping create contemporary products. We focus on blending traditional concepts, designs and patterns with styles and colours that suit the modern aesthetic.

The Movement

You get art that you can carry. Period. That’s the now and here.

In the long run, you get to be a part of an initiative to preserve arts and crafts which have, historically, been enormous drivers of rural livelihood. Today, they are threatened by cheaper substitutes, fast fashion and changing customer sensibilities. You will be part of a revivalist movement to return these crafts to their prior glory, preserve ancient traditions and create meaningful livelihoods. Creating these livelihoods lets rural communities thrive and build a self-sufficient economy, something very critical in the sustainable development of billion and a quarter Indians.