The Handcrafting

We dabbled with creating bags using existing weaves and realized that their use is limited in their current form. Over 6-8 months, we worked with number of weavers in Warangal to understand, design and create a version of the Durrie that would be ideal for making bags. We changed everything – the kind of yarn, the warp, the weft and convinced weavers to work with contemporary colours that, till date, they have never used. We did all this ensuring the nature of the craft doesn’t change. After much experimentation, the weavers created a fabric for us that can be used to make these fantastic bags.

The fabric is inspired by the Durrie of Warangal, customized for Earth Souk. The fabric is cotton, hand dyed, and handwoven. The process of making the Durrie is awe inspiring. The women hank the yarn, it is dyed and dried and re-dyed and re-dried, till the shade is perfect. Then the yarn is rolled onto bobbins and the artist weaves the weft around the warp, creating enchanting Durries. And then its rolled, packed, dispatched and received, by hand.

The fabric is just one part of the handcrafting. The rest of the bag is also handcrafted. Our manufacturing process is mostly by hand, apart from basic tools and manual sewing machines. It requires the dexterous artists to do this. The fabric is combined with fine grain genuine Indian leather to create luxurious, complex bags. The leather is specifically dyed for us and perfectly complement the myriad of shades in our colourways.

Our bags are hand dyed, hand woven and hand crafted in India. From India, with love.