The Inspiration

Durrie weaving is an established industry in Warangal. It is a traditional craft, passed down for over a hundred years. It is a labour intensive rural cottage industry with a strong local flavour. Warangal durrie weavers have made their mark abroad with their fine work. The Warangal durrie, created in weft interlocked technique, have characteristic geometric, angular motifs and colored horizontal stripes.

The Earth Souk Serendipity Bag Collection is inspired by the stunning beauty of the Durries of Warangal. Warangal, a hot and dusty city in the heartland of Telangana, has a long history of making world class Durries or carpets. During our extensive travels across India to discover hidden artistic treasures, we chanced upon these Durries at a Craft Council Exhibition in Chennai.  It sparked the idea that this beautiful craft can be put to multiple uses, which resulted in the Serendipity Bag Collection.