The Logo


Art is a profound connection between its Creator and the connoisseur. One who appreciates art often finds greater meaning in it than the art itself. Art is like a river that flows from the source, the artist, to the sea, the final consumer of the art. This river is seen in the rise and fall of musical notes, the meandering strokes of a paint brush, the interlocking warp and weft of a fabric, the subtle joints of repeating blocks, the lovely patterns of embroidery, and more.

Our logo is representative of this river. It represents details that form the whole. It represents centuries of art forms, colours, patterns, culture, stories, legends and emotions that have passed on through handcrafts. It stands for the toil, the sweat, the blood of the person who creates it. It represents the energy that pervades, the love that heals and the beauty that enchants. It stands for unimaginable ways that art is the very manifestation of Creation.