The Story

The genesis of the idea was an exciting road trip in a broken-down Ford Ikon to western Tamil Nadu, and the Nilgiris. From exquisite silk carpets in Salem district to mind bogglingly intricate Toda embroidery, we were astounded by the level of craftsmanship we saw. Curious to learn more, we attended craft exhibitions, picking up numerous pieces of Indian art. Then a trip to North Karnataka happened and EVERYTHING changed.

Tucked away in a tiny hilly hamlet, 60 km from Hubli, is one of India's secret treasures - Navalgund’s carpets.  Once famous for their exuberant Durries, there are only handful women weavers now, struggling to sell the most captivating designs. The last vestiges of an ancient art - colourful and lively. We instantly knew this kind of art simply had to be revived. And the way to do this was to make it more relevant - use the traditional concepts and designs to create contemporary products.

Our quest led us to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and West Bengal. We are still spellbound with what India had to offer. We are part of the larger narrative to bring modern design and aesthetics to these artisans, contemporize products, and popularize these crafts. We pray that this handcraft revolution will enhance the lives of those who create and enchant the lives of those who use.